Leave You Nothing

album: viXen(SonicSeducer) E.P.
genre: Darkwave
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Basically done this weekend...Helped keep my sanity through a rough one
Leave You Nothing
01/09/10 11:25:42PM @genghisken:
Now how can I NOT be all into this track?! This is super. Love the soft tones and the driving melody! It's just like something I would do - only better!!
Incarnate Word
09/11/09 01:33:07AM @incarnate-word:
I love this peice because it builds so beautifuly. a satire of an imagination in here. slowley building a dark mystery. there is emotion here that wants to be set free. Killer job.
07/14/09 06:11:00AM @mike-s:
Nice delicate track. Really cool sparse percussion. Mood wise - it is really complex. There is a relentless quality to this, yet it's quite delicate too. A sweet tune luring you towards a darker force mabye??
06/16/09 10:45:50PM @daniel-waite:
Very cool vibe here! Nice layering, and variety of interesting things coming and going! Great tune!
06/16/09 11:14:06AM @mel:
Hi Lindsey, love the intro to Leave You Nothing as you anticipate what is going to come next. A really quality production here and agree with Rob, I can imagine this being used in a thriller as it offers the suspense feeling, in places almost as if someone is walking on gravel. Really super! Wishing you well here on Mix. Melsi
06/09/09 07:16:05AM @dazed:
this is very cool. I love the melody on here. What makes me wonder about this tune is that I could hear Trans Siberian Orchestra doing this. Very cool indeed.
Rob Grant
06/09/09 07:39:05PM @rayon-vert:
Yea, I like the dark feel of this song.....Has a suspenseful build, for a horror soundtrack feel. Good Job!! Very Well recorded!!!


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