Leave You Nothing[Confused&Shattered Mix]

album: viXen(SonicSeducer) E.P.
genre: Synthpop
streams: 131

Leave You Nothing[Confused&Shattered Mix]
Incarnate Word
09/11/09 01:41:01AM @incarnate-word:
Knowing the process by which you create this proves that desire wils out and creative genious in nothing more than the ability to stop long enough to hear the soul cry out. Excellent music.
09/09/09 10:59:30PM @n0mad23:
This was the one I heard and couldn't remember the name of. This track is amazing. The percussion, the layers, the repeating melody line - yeah!

In some ways I'm reminded of the best qualities of Test. Dept, but in this I love how you've kept it from being martial in terms of rhythmic structure.

Beautiful and faved.

08/21/09 07:13:50AM @mel:
Wonderful build with these amazing sounds, almost sci-fi, with funk and..... lots going on here! Great beat!! Quite dark though, can imagine this used in a scene for a movie. What imagination! Great listen. Wishing you well, Melsi
07/29/09 06:08:08PM @zeropage:
What an audio trip! Sweet mix, cool electro sounds and very percussive with a subtle melodic line. Industrial Techno on the Chill Out side. Clever programming, really enjoyed this one!


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