Everything(is Artificial)

album: viXen(SonicSeducer) E.P.
genre: Darkwave
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I was playing around with some very strange elements that I was determined to blend even it it wasn't very likely lol! This is what we have so far...any...
Everything(is Artificial)
Incarnate Word
09/11/09 01:37:08AM @incarnate-word:
MUA HA HA HA HA HA, you cannot escape me.I love the theme I live in this one belief so I love this one. how true my friend everything is artificial. you capture this essence perfectly. Killer Job.
07/14/09 06:04:50AM @mike-s:
Beautiful track Lindsey. I am really enjoying this one. Definitely one to keep (cheers for the download!). Love the unexpected noises throughout - complimenting the strong synth line.
07/11/09 03:44:08PM @zeropage:
dark and powerfull sound. especially liked the drums and bass line. great synth work with long sustained sound and the shorter almost percussive sounds at the end. the speech samples fit well. i think there should be quite a few fans for a production/style like this!
07/08/09 01:52:27AM @orion:
i now know what darkwave is. hahaha. i guess i'm mostly darkwave as well. but great song. great beat. everything is solid in this one. another great job!


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