Vile SPecies

album: Delete Me
genre: Industrial
streams: 142

Vile SPecies
Incarnate Word
01/20/10 11:57:17PM @incarnate-word:
Man if I wasen't so in love with my sobriety Ied drop acid just to listen to this one. Killer soundscape of a demented kind. LOve it. Great work man.
01/12/10 10:41:44PM @genghisken:
Rich blend of sounds, love the driving bassline, transitions are masterfully done. Super production!!
David Lee
01/04/10 03:20:12PM @david-lee:
Great song. I really enjoyed the intro.
01/10/10 10:31:01PM @wilkyway:
This is a fun song to my old ears. The soundscape is very easy to listen to with many interesting things coming right at you. Just eerie enough to make it a great industrial work. Good work.


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