A Strange Affection

album: Within This Foolish Heart
genre: Synthpop
streams: 219

A Strange Affection
Incarnate Word
03/03/10 10:55:18PM @incarnate-word:
I love it. light and happy then slowly allures you in and as you become hooked it keeps you there. well mixed sounds like you are really getting the hang of your new DAW. Great Job.
01/22/10 06:18:52AM @dazed:
This sounds awesome! The melody on here is stellar and unique. Great production and arrangement. No complaints here!
01/21/10 01:58:47PM @bigpete:
the chairman of the Industrial world goes pop, great production with lots of great pop elements but the GVE way, love it, very commercial sound and feeling but with that GVE edge works real good for me, great job.


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