(Jim's AE)Wiretap Vs. Drone State

album: Jim's AE vs. GVE
genre: Techno-Industrial
streams: 213

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Jim's AE - Wiretap Vs. GVE - Drone State(Welcome to Slavery) Thanks Jim!
(Jim's AE)Wiretap Vs. Drone State
Incarnate Word
03/04/10 12:06:41AM @incarnate-word:
OMG! I had to smoke crack to keep up with this. lol this is really high energy and really cool collab. Jim added a whole new deminsion to your style. Killer this is really awesome.
03/03/10 01:14:37PM @bigpete:
insane mash up of two insane artist's work can only end up being an insane track, great job Lindsey.


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