Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter


album: single
genre: teggae
streams: 59
creation date: 2013-10-02

  Song Lyrics
GLITTERSHINE It's almost Christmas people need a song shining in their hearts of hearts keep them going strong sparkle at the dark end of the street shimmer...
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4 GlitterShine who lives on the streets, he sez sometimes people take me home so I can sleep in a warm place but I always go out again, I cannot live in a...
10/02/13 11:30:19AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
Thanks Farrell. Sometimes you meet some one only briefly but you'll never forget. :-))
Farrell Jackson
10/02/13 10:51:26AM @farrell-jackson:
I really like your story lyric Harry and this is a standout story. Your guitar has great tone and your vocal sets the mood and sentiment well. "he sez: I bless people" what a great outlook for someone in this living on the streets situation. Excellent song!

If you get a chance check out my 7th Street Bridge or Train To Normal, they have a similar lyric theme as GlitterShine.



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