Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter

album: single
genre: Bluegrass
streams: 24

  Song Lyrics
Red's on the move oh boys don't say you were not warned she got it in for all of us tonight her halo on her horns halo on her horns   Red's been around you...
03/04/21 08:58:10AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
Hi Bustert and Queen-regina thanks for being here! There is a second take with the complete band, so drums, bass, slide guitar and acoustic guitar.
Queen Regina
02/28/21 06:57:06PM @queen-regina:
Loving this. Storytelling 101. Great vibe. Love those strong raspy vocals. Very pleasantly delivered.
02/28/21 03:42:48PM @bustert:
Lovely song- it so sentimental and strong! MORE like this!
12/22/13 10:22:47AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
We tried to add a bass but the experiment was not successful so far. We're going to do this one again from scratch in Gaston's studio.


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