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ROSE The Album

album: ROSE
genre: Alternative Rock
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Rose      Rose is a love story of a vampire caught in the blood lust turmoil of wanting to kill her lover or take her own life its the collaboration of many...
ROSE The Album
08/03/14 09:13:41PM @the-truevulgarians:
This is absolutely fantastic. What an effort my all involved. Recalls the days of old time radio.
07/26/14 02:26:19AM @hellz-abyss:
Good to See you Enjoying david ....

i have placed a hi Resolution 24bit master on my page now for sale ..

Grab the hi res copy here


07/24/14 09:11:25PM @david-c-deal:
Just one listen so too much to take in. I know I loved the vocals at roughly 14 and 17 also. The production is spectacular as always for your work abyss. Again, the work is too much to take in at one sitting. I'll be back after another listen or two. Obviously the product of immense musical dedication and work.


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