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On The Loose ft: carol sue

album: A Box full of Muffins
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 86

  Song Lyrics
Love On The Loose (feeling sexual) Love is on The LooseLove is on The Loose Don't need someone to hold my handI want you to be my manPick me up, I'm...
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Freshly Baked muffin.....with Carol sue
On The Loose ft: carol sue
carol sue
10/26/18 10:50:22PM @carol-sue:
Happy @josephrodz that you
visited and enjoyed~ thanks my friend!

10/25/18 07:16:59PM @josephrodz:
Great Rock & Kikazz tune!!!!
carol sue
10/24/18 08:43:17PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, you guys rock!!

Sure enjoyed baking this with you! @abysss

10/24/18 07:45:15PM @lorne-reid:
laid back groovy!!!
10/24/18 06:32:12PM @ronbowes:
Cool track Darryl and Kirkpatrick!!


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