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GET OUT ft: Carol Sue

album: A Box full of Muffins
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 128

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Nice vocals carol !
GET OUT ft: Carol Sue
carol sue
12/01/18 07:45:30AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so very much @gary-hart ~ you rocker, you!!

11/25/18 08:22:02PM @gary-hart:
First I gotta say...huge sound! Mastering pushed straight to the top!

Secondly...Carol...you smoked this track...love that growl in your vox...lyrics are hot and fits this perfectly!

Very well done...had a bunch of listens now!! 👍

carol sue
11/25/18 07:51:40PM @carol-sue:
@martin-valins - Thank you so much, you made my day!!
Been waiting my entire music life to receive a comment like that, lol!!
Really enjoyed putting this together with Daryl~ love this style of music.

Martin Valins
11/25/18 11:11:06AM @martin-valins:
What a great performance Carole-Sue - Incredible vocals !!
carol sue
11/22/18 10:34:19PM @carol-sue:
Love that you love it!! :)

Tell it. Yell it. I love it!

@abysss - You're a musical rocket!

11/19/18 02:19:33PM @lodato:
Tell it. Yell it. I love it!
carol sue
11/14/18 08:31:32AM @carol-sue:
Felt good to sing this one~ thanks for sharing your awesome music with me, Daryl!
Sure appreciate the visits, thanks... hope this calls you back!



11/12/18 09:59:09AM @waveman:
excellent music and production from abysss, and carol you're in top form, one of your best for sure!
11/12/18 09:17:38AM @ronbowes:
You nailed the vox on this Kirkpatrick!
11/11/18 09:26:22PM @tlt50:
What did it take to get in the mood to lay down the vocals to this Carol Sue..?? There's something calling me in this tune. Daryl...is an amazing musician-producer. Your collabs just bet better and better. Bravo, both of you shine brightly in this superb track. :)


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