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Say Goodbye

album: A Box full of Muffins
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 37

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Another little tune to thrash to...
Say Goodbye
carol sue
10/21/19 02:18:22PM @carol-sue:
I knew it! lol@josephrodz
Most excellent, guys!! (go for more!)
OMG, I want to scream like that! ;)

10/21/19 02:10:10PM @josephrodz:
Sounds KILLER!
Thank for let me try a solo on such a great music.

carol sue
10/21/19 02:03:52PM @carol-sue:
Wow, what a killer track!! 10/10
Is that a Joseph lead I hear in there or do my ears deceive me?
All around excellence~ welcome back Daryl!
More to the box of muffins! :)

10/21/19 12:49:35PM @hellz-abyss:
Thanks j For the sick lead !


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