Hellz Abyss
Hellz Abyss
Hellz Abyss


album: Revenge Of Eve
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 329

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here the first of my new alliance with Lisa Perry  Salute! Enjoy HELLZ ABYSS
Michael Slider
06/15/21 05:23:28PM @michael-slider:
Totally Rocking bad ass music !
Magpie Sally
02/13/21 08:41:45AM @magpie-sally:
Cool track ... hot 🔥
The Gigglefits
02/07/21 09:32:46AM @the-gigglefits:
Hi This Is Dj Tony C me and Queen Regina want to say Congrats you had the Number one song on The Gigglefits Top 50 song and Artist of the week. 01. Salute - Hellz Abyss
Queen Regina
02/07/21 07:53:49AM @queen-regina:
#SuperCongratulations to #Salute @hellz-abyss Lisa Perry kills it. #ThisWeeksTop50#1 #1Song Congratulations.
Queen Regina
02/01/21 07:09:48PM @queen-regina:
Oh Yes. #BestOfTheBest #SuperCongratulations I knew from the first listen that this would soar. So deserving. Im very excited for you. I get excited with this in my ears. Great rocking truth song.
carol sue
01/20/21 09:00:15AM @carol-sue:
Easy to echo all of these positive comments!
Oh, hellz yes~ Congratulations + a big bravo!!

01/11/21 01:43:43AM @hellz-abyss:
thank everyone... im lookinhg forward to releasing our new album revenge of eve
Farrell Jackson
01/10/21 10:31:36AM @farrell-jackson:
Let's rawk! This is so damn good!
Queen Regina
01/10/21 06:48:50AM @queen-regina:
AB-Salute-YSS. As badazz az it gets. Love it. #QueenReginaPickHit
01/09/21 12:16:15PM @anubis37:
GREAT track!
01/09/21 10:36:26AM @josephrodz:
Wow this KIKAZZ! & so professional in all levels!!
01/09/21 09:54:29AM @jimsae:
Damn, Daryl, this is outstanding! You guys rock the hell out of this one!
01/09/21 08:45:39AM @avmo:
Awesome track...great sound and amazing vocals!


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