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The Abyss Presents .

By Abyss., 2017-07-28
The Abyss Presents .

Here comes

"the paddock of happiness"

where there will be plenty of cowbell in the mix!

Check it out 

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By Abyss., 2014-01-22


Hey just letting you know the that We Have Released

"Heavens In Your Heart" 

with the talented vocals of

Pete Tebar



Hope you all enjoy .... 


Check it out...


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Evern Less Air ....

By Abyss., 2014-01-12

NO AIR - Ft Michael Stone

Hey just letting you know the that i Have Re Released

"No Air" 

with the talented vocals of Michael Stone 



Hope you all enjoy .... 


Check it out...


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Renee's Song

By Abyss., 2013-11-15

My new Song Ft.. JosephRodz on Guitar

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By Abyss., 2013-11-15



Hey guys,


here are a bunch of links to some cool tutorials that i found out there on the net...


hope you find something usefull ...


Pure Mix

Fab mixes a song live at gear fest   http://www.puremix.net/video/gearfest-2011-mixing-1-4-setting-up.html


you might need to register to watch the following tutes but they are very good and worth the extra hassle


Techniques including Making punch drums, adding punch to kicks, side chain compression, Using 1176 style compressors,

Compression Overview, Using De-ssors, Analog summing and more 


Tutorials from sound on sound 


Sound on sound 20 tips for mixing 

Sound on sound  tutorials 


From Music Tech 

Reverb 101



3 New songs for the week

By Abyss., 2013-11-06

its been a busy week in the abysss with 3 New songs uploaded ... and 4 more to be mixed the latest offering is No Air its my first attempt at ambient dubstep

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Looking for Collaborations

By Abyss., 2013-11-02

Im looking for Singers & Musicians to work on Songs with me and bounce ideas off ... im very open to all genres ... let me know if your interested 


By Abyss., 2013-11-01

Thank you every one !

Cant tell you guys how much im realy enjoying Mixposure ... from the moment i started to chat ive had the warmest of welcomes. in my first month ive met some of the most talented musicans ive ever known and my eyes have been opened to so many more.. ive learnt alot about music and the music industry from everyone ive met,   ive had my songs played on the mixposure radio... asked to work in collaboration with not 1 but 2 very talented musicans and now ive been honered with song of the week ... what a great place this is ... thank you joseph for inviting me here !!! 

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