Speed Power Control

album: HEMI-Tone
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 212

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  I was in the moment of the new Grand Tourisimo Prologue  for PS3........this is the song that came out of that
Speed Power Control
Incarnate Word
03/20/10 12:52:36AM @incarnate-word:
man this is killer funk man. I love the guitar effects on this, very ethereal and yet metalized. this Jams. great Job.I can hear another song coming out of this one.
02/24/10 08:58:48PM @1-aztlan-nation-mr-mx1:
I can deffinatly dig this style, it seems like a modern rock, techno and rap beat all in one, Id like to rap to a beat like this one day. let me know if your interested in collaberating one dat. Mr MX1
10/11/08 08:16:27AM @robert-smith:
This is great - you could release this! This is a very good recording and an interesting piece. The guitar is going off!


07/13/08 11:29:39AM @bf-baker:
The title is spot on. This is one exhilarating ride -- you never know what's coming around the next corner, only you better hold on tight. Love it!
Rob Grant
07/12/08 07:08:58PM @rayon-vert:
I do believe Mr. Beck would be dropping his jaw at you, Sir!!! POWER and PERFORMANCE!!! KED this is PURE CLASS and I LOVE IT!!! Man, I wish you had open DL's.......hehehehehehehehint....OOOOPS!! :-)

06/27/08 06:47:44PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Another great tune, KED... thanks for uploading this one so I can play it on the show tomorrow night! :) Nice, high energy! LOVE it!

Rock on!!!


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