Flight of the Superbird

album: HEMI-Tone
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 231

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Spread your wings and FLY!!!!  in a Plymouth Superbird
Flight of the Superbird
Incarnate Word
03/20/10 12:56:03AM @incarnate-word:
Damn! Ked Metal awesome. the Bass is romping in this. Even when you do Metal it is melodic. excellent work.
09/30/08 09:29:29AM @blue-sahara:
Whoa! Who the heck needs coffee in the morning to wake up, when there is Hemi-Tone to listen to!! :-) Holy smokers, dude! I felt the superbird fly right through my veins. The guitar performances are just out-of-this-worldish, the overall theme actually reminds me to a TV soundtrack (I don't know which one though). The mix is great, KED. The bass line undermines this speedy track! Well done, my friend!

09/29/08 11:02:29AM @idiom:
This is the kinda song that will blow out the trunk of your car if you got your rear speakers turned up with too much bass. They say music makes people drive differently, and in this case, buy a monster truck and go roll over a tail-back: trust me it'll make you feel grrrreeeaaat.Huge sound for even bigger wheels. Go KED!
09/20/08 08:33:32PM @gabriel-sabadi:
That's my boy.....;)
09/20/08 07:17:59PM @tlt50:
Some sweeeeeeet.......smokin' guitar..... that bass groove is killar !! Freakin' cool tones and riffs.... I'm no guitar player ...but this is excellent... !! Bam.... I thought my player quit.... lol !! Great work Ked...:-)


09/20/08 10:08:00AM @ab1:
now here's a dude I'll review any time no payment due.. this rocks and smokes and never chokes.. shred ala ked.. sweet tone.. and love those 1/2 time phrases in there to launch into another.. no this time mega shred with tapping to spread for.. awesome bro.. I love jams that are pure music and no pop considerations whatsoever.. guitar man music.. brave and heavy.. carries a big stick.. walks softly.. into a more than just abrupt ending.. hope no one was depending.. on a rescue at sea.. dear me.. :-)
09/20/08 07:06:27AM @steph-klish:
Cool all out jam on the guitar ,good chops ,drum and bass kickin it out well
Nice job

01/05/09 06:14:03PM @mri:
this is better than great. reminds me of Metallica's "Fuel" in some ways. shredding. ;-) A+
Rob Grant
10/03/08 09:39:37PM @rayon-vert:
Love the bass and drums on this..... :-) Guitar is a natural great......this is another Beckish track :-) BIGKED!!!++++++++++


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