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What is Nanish Shonti?
There was once a time when people walked this land, treating it with deep respect. Their ways were simple and yet almost magical. Kinship with all that is, the animals, the nature, were a way of life. Nature was not "the wilderness" -- nature was their home. These people were Native Americans and today some of their leaders and elders are working together to recreate the traditional ways and to impart them to all who seek to help the Mother Earth.
Their efforts have become the vision of Nanish Shontie, a native phrase meaning, "to ask the creator for a blessing." It is an inter-tribal, inter-racial native guided community and healing center based upon Native American traditions and way of life. A place where ancestral wisdom shows us the ways for the changes that can help save the Mother Earth for the future.

Nanish Shontie is a community on 17 acres of property in the country in Western Oregon. It is a place where people have an opportunity to learn from traditional native people about the native way of living with Mother Earth. Nanish Shontie is helping to build a bridge between the modern world and indigenous world so that we may work together for the healing of Mother Earth.
Nanish Shontie is sharing the teachings of the ways that were taught to us from Mother Earth. This is being taught to those who come in a respectful manner. Native people recognize that there are many good paths on this Mother Earth, we willing share ours so that it may guide people to help restore the balance of Mother earth.
As each one of us helps in restoring that balance to Mother Earth, we will find that it will help in our own personal healing.
Nanish Shontie urgently needs your help and invites your participation in a variety of ways. Indigenous people believe that everyone and everything is put on Mother Earth with a purpose and a gift. If there is any way that you feel you may be able to help, please let us know.
Please visit our web site here to learn more about our vision and who we are.


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