Kenneth John Parsons
Kenneth John Parsons

Seahorses (Ambient Genre)

album: Untitled
genre: Ambient
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Seahorses (Ambient Genre)
05/14/18 06:33:39PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Coming here to bring back to life the best tune on Mix. One could die content having written this. ftlpope
Luca Wulf
09/22/10 04:03:09PM @huge-artist:
Ken,beena while mate :)
You might remember me from old mix as Terentek?
Glad to see you are still making your stunning music.

To think that music like this "Gathers dust",as you put it...

The thing that always struck me about yuor music was you have a knack of putting people in the atmospheres you create.

This has a very gentle circular feel to the sounds.
Turning lazy circles...
So very easy on the senses and mind.
It could well capture the essence of a perfect summers day and equaly capture distant nebulas.
Is "Mercurial" a clue to your images?

Well,whatever it's inspiration it is abeautiful piece of music classical in an eletronic setting.

08/04/11 06:54:21PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
You know I had thought I had reviewed this twice before but happy to do so a third time. I was so pleased to promote this before as one of the best pieces on Mix. Now it is riding very high which is some going for a non-mainstream ambient piece. Utterly magical. ftlpope
10/12/09 11:51:24AM @omegamon:
Hi Ken, Omega Mon here in NY...yeah, this is kind of floating, very open...nice and bright and inviting..back in the '80s when i lived in Minneapolis i used to listen to a radio show called Music from the Hearts of Space, with alot of groundbreaking electronic artists, sort of the first crop of modern electronic/ambient artists so to speak..I will definitely be back for more...thank you for sharing this work...


09/28/09 11:43:51PM @franknbass:
This has such a floating quality. Very relaxing to listen to. I really sounds like a part of some movie sound track. The production is excellent. A very cool piece of music and a pleasure to listen to.
Frank Henderson

07/30/09 06:50:04PM @vesa:
This has a mystical atmosphere...with a kind of suspense, sort of what I recall from 2001 Space Odessy, not one to compare, but that is that unique sort of mood that permeates or suffuses by way of the synth sounds that create these feelings...the sounds feel they're being lengthened or stretched...very calming relaxing. It is minimalism in the growth of the sound which gives the audible illusion of there being more sounds one picks up to fill in from one's imagination. I envision dust clouds of pixilized colours bending together. Very dreamy composition.
Excellent. Most enjoyable.
CONGRATS on having it selected for the video. Very happy for you Ken.
-Your friend. -Vesa.


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