Kerrie Lepai Jones
Kerrie Lepai Jones
Kerrie Lepai Jones

Whiskey Drinkin Blues

album: Organic Blues
genre: Blues
streams: 183
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When the Bills are Due.....
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This song is an original song written by Kerrie Lepai which is on the new release Organic Blues
Whiskey Drinkin Blues
06/30/17 03:05:32PM @hooker-green:
Really impressed. Guitar sings wonderful and your voice: amazing.

2012 BC
06/10/17 04:45:09PM @2012-bc:
Hey Hey mamma you are pullin my chain....damn fine display of musicianship and vocal prowess....WOW......killer stuff
Kerrie Lepai Jones
04/01/17 11:10:41PM @kerrie-lepai-jones:
I am just getting the hang of this wonderful music community and learning how to maneuver around. I am seeing everyone's comments. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wrote this song while I was living it. You know sometimes when you are song writing it just pours out of you. This song definitely was true blues in my shoes. What is that ol saying? If your going thru hell....RUN !!! This is a really cool musical community and I look forward to meeting some cool like minded cats.
03/27/17 06:25:44PM @red-sheppen:
From the very start this sounds so professional...the vocal is wonderful and blue.
Nice one and welcome to mix and thanks for sharing your wonderful gift of sound

03/25/17 07:45:54PM @tlt50:
Kerrie,,,,, welcome to Mixposure. !! Lovin' your stylin'....awesome bluzy vocals. Incredible talents. The band /musical tracks are brilliant..
AwwwwwwwwwOooooooooSOME !!~!

All the best ,
Larry T.

• Henderson & Hemmerling
03/25/17 02:32:40PM @henderson-hemmerling:
Whoa, this has it!
03/25/17 10:22:30AM @the-truevulgarians:
Such a true and authentic blues track... Yvonne was exactly right... you're the real deal Kerrie! Welcome to Mixposure... we're glad to have you join us!
03/24/17 10:49:15PM @erne:
Oh so sultry....Welcome to MixPo....


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