Lex Zaleta
Lex Zaleta

All the Pretty Girls

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genre: Blues
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All the Pretty Girls
01/21/08 06:20:31PM @saitkoray:
another superb blues track from you...i can2t understand lyric :( but in musical shape..this is great like yoru other tracks...Don't forget I am your FAN....***** more stars neede this blues emotions...
12/08/07 01:34:19AM @ab2:
Lex, how can you say that US older women are worse..? heheee...Great blues, great lyrics and a great vocal from you..:-) Older women? Matured like a great wine...The best..:-)

Luv mags xx ;-)

11/29/07 05:59:06PM @john-crafton:
Now this is shapin up lad. Cool tune. Works for me.

11/28/07 10:15:11PM @dazed:
this is very pro sounding Lex. Great vocals and lyrics and some killer clean blues tones. Man I could definitely hear some more horns on here. They sounded great.

Killer tune!

The RatMan
11/28/07 09:10:39PM @the-ratman:
Lex, real nice work as usual, actually a real sweet song.Vocally well done my man. The RatMan! Peace and happy holidays.
11/28/07 08:53:39PM @diva:
Lex -- I love your blues and this is a good 'un. There's a certain ... honesty ... in the way you tell the story. Do I hear an "Amen"? Hell, yeah!!!! Keep 'em comin.
KB Bren
11/28/07 06:29:39PM @kb-bren:
I know this one Lex and it's a keeper! Great job and you are a writing machine!!!!!!! Keep them coming! KB
11/28/07 02:13:17PM @pyramis:
See you're still after that doorman's job at the blues club !!!!
Nice Lex,good lyrics,but I already expect that from you.
What other subject is more apt for blues than women ?
Hell,if it wasn't for women,the blues amy never even have happened !
Good job man.


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