My Buddha

album: Dance of the Living
genre: Ambient
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My Buddhalodato 7 -4 -2011it's not so well to be unkindto trample everyoneit's always well to be alignedattached yet never boundso has this bleak...
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  I recently had an amazing experience sitting in on the making of Mandala by Buddhist monks. From start to transformation or.. (dismantling). Listening to...
My Buddha
07/11/11 02:24:17PM @gary-powers:
Hey Rich, great job on My Buddah, I am sure I will enjoy the rest, Gary
07/11/11 09:43:34AM @dave-meredith:
This is a change up Rich?... or maybe not?.. The clarity in the vocal is class!!, super clear and perfect depth in my cans... The music is clever, polished, pretty unique, that whrilling synth is infectious and sits in well with the pads and slight percs.... this is a very cool display of original work that deserves alot more listens as the effort in here is HUGE and the quality is class!!

Cheers Rich


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