only you

album: compilations
genre: Acoustic
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I see nothinall of nothinI see nothin but youI hear nothinno traffic ramblinno planes flyinonly you when I'm out therewhen I'm out dearwith youwhen I'm out...
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wrote it on the side of the highway after car broke down
only you
Dylan Thermos
06/20/11 07:11:25AM @dylan-thermos:
Pretty track. lush guitar opening few bars then a soft well produced vocal, well sung and well produced.
The addition of strings only add to the overall effect.....keep up the good work, thanks for posting..........dylan.

Nuada Mac Nechtan
06/20/11 03:01:17AM @nuada:
A lovely piece. Very nicely orchestrated. Top quality work.


01/16/12 07:11:21PM @bri-an:
I like the way this toon is laid out..a classic and dramatic arrangement with the vocals..as always taking centre stage with a theatrical sense of scenario's leading up to the hook disguised as a chant....clever (IMO)..lol (and yes, my opinion can something short of a cruise missile sometimes) but, it does sound BIG N BOOMIN with a stadium kitt attached with it...woo yaa
A great collection of work Rich.


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