album: sauce
genre: Acoustic
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split the strandsthat make up the stringsthat are holding meto these memoriesbrake the bindsthat tie me downto that placewhere tears abidewho am I really...
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written in 1989 for my dead friends which are many from aids. I'll be sad forever until me meet again.
Farrell Jackson
12/29/17 09:51:26AM @farrell-jackson:
A great song in memory and tribute to those that you have lost Rich. The acoustic guitar sounds deep and emotional as your lyric moves towards healing. Well done friend!


12/04/11 09:08:33AM @bri-an:
...a lyrical masterpiece. (IMO) and especially on how they are delivered (vocally)...undeniable grief ensues the musical passages presented with the open tuning here.
To further the explanation of an artist who's method of expression can be different from all the rest....
Death, is something we all have in common.
Emotional stuff Rich...Your reaching out with your message...and perhaps the answer is the song itself....or on a canvas, where pain is stilled...and memories move.
Great resolve my friend.


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