Open A

album: in the wood
genre: Acoustic
streams: 89

  Song Lyrics
open ai'll play a low open ai hope you like it that wayit's where my voice wants to staywhere itit wants to playdo you play around that waygathered all...
  Song Information
a song about a tuning on my guitar and how it makes me feel
Open A
01/31/15 10:13:18AM @the-bard-brothers:
Interesting, both as an exercise and inspiration for a song. Still wrapping my head around how I would record this. Is it resonant enough to do with a microphone rather than direct in? I wonder... Nice tune.
01/25/15 06:25:34PM @david-c-deal:
open A indeed. Good work Lodato.
01/25/15 03:23:20PM @ron-kauffman:
Hi Rich....I love open tuning. I use it myself a bit. You've done a great job of showcasing it here. Very nice track.
Farrell Jackson
01/25/15 01:17:15PM @farrell-jackson:
Open A is alright with me Lodato! You make this sound so much more than just an open A with your chosen melody, expansive range, and fine acoustic playing. If it's your favorite tuning run with it brother!


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