All This

album: and then some
genre: Acoustic
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a bed of rosesyou lie uponafternoon glowingyou are my glowglowing wild and deepglowing wild and realand all this timeyou are minefor awhileI loved you you...
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to love
All This
Andrew Yoda
12/19/16 07:30:02PM @dnacodex:

I know that I'm not alone, and I can listen you're guitar work all day, masterful songwriting and stellar guitar playing, haunting and thoughtful, I love your voice here Rich, this is just what I needed! Cheers, Andrew

12/15/16 09:46:21PM @mike-kohlgraf:

First off, love the sound of your guitar, Rich! The vocals are outstanding as are the lyrics! Well done, buddy!!! This has a lot of emotion in your vocals. It's all about delivery and you DO deliver!

Charlie Beige
12/11/16 07:40:33PM @charlie-beige:

Love the phrasing of the guitar and the vocals...great vocals.

Very enjoyable listen with Van Morrison but better tone to your vocal.



Farrell Jackson
12/11/16 06:51:06PM @farrell-jackson:

Your voice and Ovation are sounding as good as ever Rich.....So I combine the words and get.... Rich, full, and an ovation....bravo, bravo!


12/11/16 07:12:49AM @ronbowes:

That big guitar sound filling the room. Typical Lodato sound. Your ttrademark as it were. And, as ever, that cool voice adding emotion to the whole.


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