when the sun goes down

album: lo dat to go
genre: Ballad
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sorry no written. but these can actually been understood. go no?
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wrote this in Roma in 2004
when the sun goes down
06/06/18 03:31:54PM @jerrywillard:
Love it Rich. The music is tight. Great vocals, and solid production! A 10
06/06/18 01:53:51PM @tlt50:
Fantastic Rich, beautiful lyrics and vocals. Enjoying the lush synth pads, with the perfect percussion tracks. The bass adds another sweet sensation to this well-produced tune. Bravo *****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
06/06/18 09:38:27AM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice and full sounding. When the bass and percussion enter the song takes on an exciting drive yet still mellow sound. The "rests" you put in make cool interludes for the vocal changes that follow. Well done Rich!


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