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album: lo dat to go
genre: lo-dat-to-go
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WAYS everybody has their ownsome might sharesome stand alonethey can be insidedeep withinthey can be revealedloud and interruptingstinking of grin push on...
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There are three different versions to these lyrics. All very different from each other. I like this original version best. Rich
Ways Original version
Michael Slider
12/23/21 06:22:09PM @michael-slider:
Beautiful Rich ❤️
bill b
12/03/21 01:47:04PM @bill-b:
Nice Rich. I find the music very interesting in this one. The whole thing is unified in such away it creates a tight unique piece but still allows a wide and subtle variation of style references. Nice stuff!
Twank Whelan
11/29/21 03:05:28PM @twank-whelan:
Excellent lyric! Love what you're doing with it....interesting production, very nice groove, makes ya wanna move!
Eric Saitz
11/29/21 10:57:12AM @eric-saitz:
Hi Rich. I have never heard this verson before. So many of the songs I've heard from you are in a more stripped-down sound (Which I love) but the songs like this with a more fleshed out sound show the depth of your creativity and highlight more than just your vocal talent. This is a fantastic song. I'm sorry I missed the gigglefits show on Sunday featuring your music. I was out of town for family.

Thank you Eric. No need to apologize for missing the show. I barely made it myself.


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