Can't Deny

album: Demo's
genre: Acoustic
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oh I can't denyall the love I have for youoh I can't denyall the love I have for you when i look at you sleeping cuddled up in there in  blanketsWhen i look...
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Something new and worked for a bit. I sent back and master this more. It has more space if that possible lol. Maybe it's the end of a very dry spell?
Can't Deny
06/13/22 11:03:40PM @moquinn:
As ever so much emotion & so much of yourself into your songs....as you write hopefully the end of a long dry spell....and hopefully you are feeling much better
your friend always, Moe

Twank Whelan
06/11/22 01:29:27PM @twank-whelan:
Nice hearing you back at it...has been a long dry spell for ya. Cool tune, Rich. :)
06/10/22 02:21:35PM @bad-love-junkie:
That's strange. I left ya a comment but poof it disappeared. I'll try to recapture the moment. Voice sounds so strong and the mix is so clear and I agree on the space of the track. Yes the end of your dry spell. I hope you are doing well

Michael Slider
06/10/22 08:33:42AM @michael-slider:
Very nice feeling I get listening to your music. Thank you Rich


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