It's Clear ft. Kerrin Rustemeyer

album: Collaborations
genre: rock
streams: 56
creation date: 2023-05-22

  Song Lyrics
It’s Clear Ah ya standing on line I see you there You see me eyeing you and your paper You wanna kick me in the shin I wanna kick back then again Where is...
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Kerrin performed this soundtrack for me. I recorded the vocal a few weeks later and mastered it. My aggressive activist side..
It's Clear ft. Kerrin Rustemeyer
Paul rainbird
06/08/23 05:30:43PM @paul-rainbird:
This is awesome!!!!
05/26/23 05:03:52PM @digger-stone:
Pretty badass. Love the tracks, and the vocal is radical! Love this damn song.
05/25/23 08:00:36PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Rich. wow I have never heard a song like this from you before! What a lyric. What a passionate delivery. What a collaboration! What a song! Love it

05/23/23 07:34:25PM @moequinn:
so glad I found this song collaboration Lodato & Kerrin Restemeyer...with lyrics too ~ I heard it during a Mix radio show....better here, as I can follow the lyrics as you sing them. Very intense...I believe I can get the gist of the lyrics...

05/23/23 08:58:19AM @jimsae:
Fantastic collab, if I do say so myself! Very, very heavy and powerful!


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