album: Tape Op
genre: Alternative
streams: 17
creation date: 2023-09-17

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I can't make ends Those poor ends meet I ask my maker Why you leave those plans Incomplete? ~0h man  I ask you why Why do you leave those plans  Incomplete?...
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New tune off the top of my head. A poem about the simple question of, why so many things feel incomplete. 
09/18/23 01:44:43PM @jimsae:
Love this, Rich. The acoustic guitars tell a great story, and the neat synth lines underpinning your majestic voice. Very cool, my friend!
Eric Saitz
09/18/23 12:22:22PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Hi Rich. Such a thought-provoking song! I do look at myself and my life as a continual work in progress. I think that's what keeps me going/creating. I have noticed that with each passing year I become more aware of just how limited that time is. Although I am at peace with my lot in life, I do still think about all the music I want to create and how much of it I too will leave incomplete when my time comes. I really enjoyed this one Rich. I hope you are well.

09/17/23 10:22:38PM @moequinn:
I understand & believe I can relate....sometimes we just have to vent & let it out or we will go bonkers....it is good to have various outlets & joys in life to calm our minds & spirits....music being one of them....you are truly blessed...


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