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Lyrical Princess

The Little Things..Featuring Mista Perez

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
genre: Pop
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The little thingsThe time I've spent with youHas always seemed so blueBut now I'm losing youAnd I don't know what to doHow can this be the way To me it...
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Produced by: Paul Melwicki Performed, Arranged & Mixed by : Mista Perez Lyrics by: Linda Fry (LP)
The Little Things..Featuring Mista Perez
04/19/21 10:34:20PM @digger-stone:
love it.
04/02/12 02:19:23PM @kalola-kiss:
Linda you have a beautiful way with words. You know how to make me cry. I know I love something when great emotion is evoked. Mista Perez adds a touch of class to this masterful piece.
12/08/10 09:49:46AM @cooter:
You, Mista Perez, and Paul have got it working. Such a nicely done tune. Wonderful words... but then, that's what you do. :-)

Love the song, Linda. And kudos to all involved.


12/06/10 11:58:33PM @david-c-deal:
I just love hearing new creative juice from you Linda. Mista P did a great job providing a musical bed for those great lyrics. Welcome back again. :)
12/06/10 09:45:26PM @tlt50:
Fantastic collab...Linda.!! Awesome words !! MP....layed down some incredible vocals...:) !! Another superb track.... ~Sweetie~~
All the best,

12/06/10 09:17:57PM @josephrodz:
Wow! im without words to how much talent here,your awesome lyrics and then Mista Peres give birth of this great song,you do great folks!

12/06/10 06:14:13PM @bigpete:
hey Linda beautiful words you wrote, great vocal performance by MP to deliver the message, real joy to listen to.
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02/06/11 10:08:07AM @:
Yeah, this is like REALLY good. I am amazed I never came by to tell you personally:(

Your songwriting impresses me so much. You know what is the mark of a great songwriter? When any artists can take your lyrics and create works of art like this one. Listen to how nice this came out. I bet your heart skips a beat knowing that something YOU wrote can be heard like this. I know the feeling and you should be proud of this, Lady Lyrics. You are forever gifted and it is my pleasure to hear and enjoy your gems. Mista Perez is a versatile genius in his own right. He did an excellent job with this piece and the two of you struck gold here. Outstanding work from both of you. Well done!

12/07/10 05:23:06AM @jusananomaly:
this really has a cool vibe, I like MP vocals on this you can even hear the accent in it. good job. was looking for some love stages theme I think this fits nicely. thanks.
01/16/11 05:27:03AM @miguel-a-wilder:
The coming together of great talents can produce great works. Well done you all.
12/07/10 08:20:18AM @mel:
Super lyrics Linda straight from the heart, and Mista Perez has really worked wonders in turning this into a beautiful love song. Great work all round! Super listen. Glad you have those pencils back in your hand Linda!! Wishing you well, Melsi
07/31/13 12:53:16AM @mach:
Superb songwriting and nice executed musical performance. The emotion in your voice adds so much depth to this gem.
Great job to all.


12/07/10 10:21:25AM @bri-an:
Very well written lyric's...and performed and delivered by Mista P with emotion and class.
well done!!

Lonesome wolf
01/20/11 04:20:16PM @paul-grimwood:
Beautiful,Beautiful song.Lyrics are wonderful.
Music kinda reminds me Chris Rea..which is good!!
Great heartfelt vocals-Paul

Lonesome wolf
01/20/11 04:18:28PM @paul-grimwood:
Beautiful,Beautiful song.Lyrics are wonderful.
Music kinda reminds me Chris Rea..which is good!!
Great heartfelt vocals-Paul

05/07/11 05:14:59PM @joseph-j:
Really liked the vocals & nice backing arrangement. This is a good song, well done!


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