Lyrical Princess
Lyrical Princess

"The Keeper Of My Heart" Lyrical Princess & The TrueVulgarians

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Oo, la, la, la Oo, la, la, la Oo, la, la, la Oo, la, la, la You are the keeper of my heart, (oo, la, la, la, oo, la, la, la) The keeper of my heart. I had...
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The Keeper of My Heart Music & Vocals by William Thompson Harmony Vocals by Jacki Lyrics by Linda Fry (Lyrical Princess)
"The Keeper Of My Heart"  Lyrical Princess & The TrueVulgarians
09/02/13 01:49:26PM @scotswolfe:
A collab that was meant to be.Beautiful lyrics Linda.Your poem(lyrics) never cease to amaze me.Bill and Jacki really did justice to the lyrics.Just awesome.
09/02/13 10:23:18AM @mach:
Nice melody, it has a great hook and good laid back vibe. Linda you never cease to amaze me with your words. Good Collab!


08/27/13 06:47:52PM @the-truevulgarians:
Having our band do a collaboration with the Lyrical Princess was, in my view, a Mixposure rite of passage! When I first read the poem, yet another of her heartfelt passages, the main melody just immediately came to mind... and it went from there. Much fun on my first attempt to put music to someone else's verse. (I also put in the bass line, so in that regard, I'm to blame.) I think the song turned out pretty nice... Thanks for the opportunity Linda! Enjoy!
Lyrical Princess
08/27/13 06:40:44PM @lyrical-princess:
Thank You Jim.. Bill & Jacki really did bring my words to life... I do enjoy their music.. I think this is Awesome :)
08/27/13 06:19:08PM @gene-smith:
Very nice! Great job to all involved!


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