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Lyrical Princess

I'll Be

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
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  Song Lyrics
I'll Be... I'll be the bitterness in her kissWhen you're heart is filled with blissI'll be the thought in your mindWhen she's leaving you behindThe sweet...
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Vocals, Melody & Rythym Guitar by: Helen DeBaker-Vorce Lead Guitar, Keyboard, 2nd Rythym Guitar, Bass Guitar by: Philbilly Mix & Production by Helen...
I'll Be
Lyrical Princess
02/24/20 03:39:45PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Helen, I think that you and Phil did a wonderful job. I was thrilled when you agreed to sing this song. I enjoyed collaborating with you & would happily do it again. If ever the opportunity came along.
Thank you so much :)

Helen DeBaker
01/08/20 08:11:41PM @helen-debaker-vorce:
Dear Linda (Lyrical Princess)
If it not for you and your beautiful lyric's, I would not have created this melody out of the blue.
My husband Phil's amazing guitar work,and production of the whole song
just blew it out of the water.
It is still one of my favorite songs !!!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for contacting me to collaborate with you.
Together, I believe we created a winner.
Also, Thank you all for your beautiful responses and positive comments. Helen

Farrell Jackson
02/28/11 01:47:14PM @farrell-jackson:
Good lyric with Linda at the pen! Helen has an appealing bit of grit to her voice that gives this song a lot of interest. I like it and good wrting Linda!


02/27/11 12:23:45AM @tlt50:
The lyrics are the star....awesome work...:)) Helen's vocals,melody...and songwriting are fabulous. Philbilly....great musicianship...Superb all ~:)*


02/26/11 10:39:30PM @josephrodz:
Great one Linda,Hellen and Philbilly!
my 5/5 on this one.

02/26/11 01:06:25PM @david-c-deal:
Love the lyrics, especially the first and third stanzas. Nice pop type tune to go with them. Excellent.
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03/01/11 06:50:00PM @:
Helen's voice is amazing here. I love the fact that your lyrics are put to music and sung like this. This has to really warm your heart and make you wanna do a lil dance, HA! I am SO happy for you everytime you release something. I just imagine the feeling that you must be having. Especially when it comes out like this. The music and arrangement is almost too good to be true. Fits so well with what you wrote. I love how Helen delivered and interpreted this. Philbilly gets mad love here as well. What a fine collab! Well done, Lady L!!


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