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Marco Akamawa

caring foundation

user image 2014-08-29
By: Marco Akamawa
caring foundation

this morning the first thing I did

after I managed to open one eye at least

was cast my vote on a music-vid

that two weeks ago I had released


I usually don't feel very comfortable

voting for things made by undersigned

although I do think the vid is wonderful

coz of the story that behind it you'll find


actually three stories MOONLIGHT contains

of which only two I will talk about now

the story of the song itself remains

because I feel it is too personal somehow


story one's about dreams 

that will always 'come true

just believe in yourself

and in ev'rything you do


story two's about teamwork

so incredibly important

for without the people around you 

you'll quickly find yourself orphaned


oh well about MOONLIGHT 

enough I have preached

for the point I wanted to go to

now I have reached


it's about teamwork

it's about giving

it's about using nature's gifts

to make life worth living


it's about a dream

that I have had for ages

that I'm slowly building up

step by step in stages


it's about hope

an essential part I believe for all

for us grown-ups ofcourse

and 'specially for our children still small


hope is something 

very easy to share

once you got it you'll give it

if for the other you care


everything we grown-ups

do and do not

is inherited by our children

according the universal plot


so I live my dream in hope 

that Friends for Friends Organization

will be inherited by millions of children

based on a solid and caring foundation


Have a nice day, Y'All!

Love, Marco

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