Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

Sat Nam Sun GoodMorning

user image 2014-09-03
By: Marco Akamawa
Sat Nam Sun GoodMorning

father heaven, mother earth, i hear your voice

your breath in the wind is calling me back


insignificant i remain unless i accept

that as your child i share your love, power and wisdom 


part of nature because she is me

part of earth i am part of the universe


forever linked to the spirit

connecting my father, me and my son


father heaven, mother earth, hear my voice

your breath in the wind brings me direction


it whispers that all i give and receive

is passed on and returned to you


photo M.Akamawa

just wanted to share my morning-prayer with you,

in the hope Y'All have a great day!

Love, Marco



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