Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

for you I AM

user image 2014-09-06
By: Marco Akamawa
for you I AM

'for you I AM'


[singing Sâââh]

the universe an infinite beginning

a constant turning of the wheel


[to be Tâââh]  

places bound'ries round my existence

hence for the universe i kneel


[naming Nâââh]

death today a messenger of hope

i am allowed letting go of the past


[making Mâââh]

another horizon comes into distance

a new impression may forever last

photo © M.Akamawa


with good friends and great people

great gifts we all receive 
great gifts to be fully used

this is the first song of 'wahe guru'
a kundalini album in the making

to soon give your day a positive boost


Have a nice day, Y'ALL

Love, Marco

'for you I AM' sept. 6 2014 © MAWAMUSIC 


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