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Marco Akamawa


user image 2014-09-09
By: Marco Akamawa

AYAYAYAYAY should have 

recorded a musicvideoclip


but decided not to 'coz 

I didn't think I looked too hip


I also had some problems with

ahum usually excellent musicianship


and this morning oooh this morning

I'm still in a bit of a dip


today should be going to MAWA NPO

but hmmm I think I'm gonna cancel that trip


and stick a thermometer in the space 

between my busy brain and bottom lip


to you I give the song I recorded last night
to me I give myself an outstanding tip 


I should seriously attempt to get rid 

of this flu that's got me in its' grip


Have a nice day Y'All!

Love, Marco


ps Martyna, Hagit, soon will send the stuff so please don't flip

pps now I'm out of words, at least words that rhyme with ip

ppps People if you missed my new demo  here is the link  
I'd be grateful if you'd let me know what you think
Marco Akamawa
09/11/14 02:02:26PM @marco-akamawa:
@Admin: Thanks for yr concern! like I told Dave in post this morning 9/11 I visited MP homepage and was frankly pretty shocked seeing my posts here, there and everywhere, felt like a real attention-seeking egotist! I ofcourse thanked Dave for alerting me, and built a website on own server yesterday. I'll be linking only lyrics and stuff directly related to music and eventually (after consulting with you first) services i plan on doing for other artists, from there too. Thanks again :) and @David: pretty cool huh, Mixposure that's alive, shape-shifting, growing and we get to grow with it! Respect!
09/11/14 06:56:17AM @admin:
no worries. we will get it resolved.
09/10/14 09:55:19AM @david-c-deal:
Yes Todd, thank you for the clarification.
09/10/14 07:54:54AM @admin:
I will see if I can get a fix for this and limit what is on the main page by artist.

Marco what it means is that we keep a bunch of posts on the main page for premium members. Right now there is no limit. So if David posts a blog and you add in 4 new blogs, he is off the main page. That however should not limit your posts. That is what it is there for. We just need to add some code in to limit each artists to one post that appears on the main page but the rest appear on your page.

We will get it fixed up!!

Marco Akamawa
09/10/14 03:11:40AM @marco-akamawa:
Hi Dave, had no idea the daily poems I write to keep me relatively sane take up other people's space! or bandwidth? what page? ...or I simply don't understand what you're trying to explain. Obviously I do not mean to be disruptive in any way at all, could you therefor explain a bit further so I can solve this? Thank you for letting me know! Knd rgds Marco
09/09/14 02:03:52PM @david-c-deal:
Marco, Your blogs and their frequency are pushing out of view other peoples blogs. I have nothing against posting lyrics etc. but please allow enough space for others to post a blog and be on the page for awhile.


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