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matt tyson
matt tyson


album: The Mask
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 38

  Song Lyrics
Seven gates are yet to come Seven gates to open up Every sun that ever rose will set again Remember, they can't hurt you now Oh no, as sure as God above...
07/23/14 10:55:54AM @matt-tyson:
Hi David, thanks for giving "Seven" a spin. hope you find time to check out some of the other music.

07/22/14 09:49:30PM @david-c-deal:
When I saw my bud Dave liked your song I wanted to check myself. He has impeccable taste! Really fine progressive structure with just enough musically driven changes to enrapt my attention. (I made that word up). I hope to see a whole slew of songs from you. You might consider one of the chat rooms during the radio shows. They are most enjoyable.
07/22/14 07:17:13PM @matt-tyson:
Hey Dave, thanks for the nice comment. hope you may enjoy some of the other tracks. I'll stop by and check out some of your music soon.
Fender Bender
07/22/14 05:11:43PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
This is brilliant! Will be back for more of your 13 tracks.


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