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Michael Stone
Michael Stone

Home For Christmas

album: Single Release
genre: Holiday Songs 2013
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Home for Christmas I wish I were home for Christmas I could stay through to New Years Eve Festive cards all around And all the sights and all the sounds It...
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Late 2012, I was living in Colorado. It became clear that I was going to have to move for family. Anytime you near the holidays it's easy to drift into...
Home For Christmas
Michael Stone
12/10/14 05:41:56PM @michael-stone:
Thank you Doug. I'm pleased you'll be including it in your shows
Michael Stone
12/13/13 03:28:09PM @michael-stone:
TY for taking the time to listen and comment Brett. It is indeed a 12 string. I'm so pleased you enjoyed. It was pure joy for me to write and record...

Brett Service
12/13/13 03:22:11PM @brett-service:
Beautiful song Michael. Sounds like a 12 string guitar? Lyrics really speak to me, vocals both on the lead and harmonies are soul-stirring. Fantastic musicianship and production! peace, Brett


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