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Indie Music Spotlight with Michael Stone

By Michael Stone, 2018-08-09


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I've been here TEN years !

By Michael Stone, 2018-06-13
I've been here TEN years !

Hey all

I just realized I will be a member of Mixposure for ten years as of July 19th. As an artist and of course also my stint as a DJ. Time flies when you're loving music.

Check out my newest song: Boots On The Ground .

All the best !
~Michael Stone~

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Three New Uploads

By Michael Stone, 2017-11-20
Three New Uploads

Hi All

I have uploaded 3 new productions to MIX.

They include  "Can't Look Away"   Joseph Rodriquez had heard an earlier version, I self produced, and asked me if he could replace the percussion parts. I sent him what I had and he sent me back a GREAT full production that I then put a new sing to.

Also, in these new uploads is  "Your Mistake" This is a plaintive ballad that I self produced. I'll probably re-sing and add a few more parts, but I'm fairly happy with the minimal production on this song.

Thirdly, Joseph sent me a fun uptempo track he'd written as 'salsa rock', asking if I'd lyric and sing. It took me a while to get to it due to two hurricanes and some illness. But I am confident you'll find "Summertime"    a tune to move your body to, while enjoying a Corona on the beach. Thanks to Mark Holley for his contribution to this effort.

~Michael Stone~

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Michael Stone & Abyss

By Michael Stone, 2016-12-17

Hi all.

I've been asked if Daryl Holden (Abyss) and I are coming out with new material.

The answer to that would be yes, I believe. I had asked Daryl for some personal time off due to some health issues, that persist to this day.

But, it is difficult for me to not pursue music with a man who is a writing and production prodigy. His music, my lyrics-vocals and melodies seem to meld into one seamless sort of creation that defies description.

So, yes I hope we will create together again soon. We've opened a cautious dialogue on this point.

I am also pursuing some other personal approaches that I don't think interest Daryl. Such is the conundrum of creation. :)

Thanks for your interest, and thanks to Mixposure for the opportunity to expose our original material for all to judge on it's own merits!

~Michael Stone~

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By Michael Stone, 2016-12-17

Hey all...

I'm surprise I've received NO response to my call for media of any kind for an upcoming "Boots On The Ground" video I'm producing for a song of the same name.

I know we have vets in this audience and would appreciate any input for this project.


~Michael Stone~

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A Call For Audio - Video - Photos

By Michael Stone, 2016-12-14

Hi all ...

I'm working up a new song and video called "Boots on the ground" about veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea.

If you have any sort of media that might be used in the song and or video, I'd appreciate it.

Of course it cannot be copyrighted and there really is no compensation. Just fishing right now for a little bit of everything.

Message me here or through my website MichaelStoneMusic.com

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Michael Stone Music Spotlight [AUDIO]

By Michael Stone, 2015-12-02

Hi Mixposure...

As many of you may know, I produce a Podcast based around Indie artists, many of whom I have discovered  here on Mixposure.

Here is another episode featuring:   Singer-Songwriters , Steve Hodak , Patti Sterling , Matthew Alexa , and Hillary Reynolds .

I hope you enjoy:


~Michael Stone~



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By Michael Stone, 2015-11-19

Hi All...

Many of you know Steve Hodak as a member here on MIXPOSURE . I recently did an interview with Steve on my BLOG, The Michael Stone Music Spotlight . I hope you can check it out.

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