Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

Movin' & Groovin'

album: Having a Blast
genre: Funk
streams: 31

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I was asked to do some funk, now that I have a new audio interface... well, you ask and you shall receive! Enjoy  
Movin' & Groovin'
03/31/14 02:51:57PM @mike-kohlgraf:
I'm honored that you like it, @Farrell-jackson :) Yes, I love my Mexi-Strat!!! :)
Farrell Jackson
03/31/14 02:40:33PM @farrell-jackson:
The song title says it all Mike....this tune is Movin' & Groovin! Nice tone and playing on the Strat....I didn't know you were a Stratocaster master...nice!


03/29/14 08:45:28AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Paul, thanks a bunch, my friend!!! :)
Paul Oakley
03/29/14 08:26:04AM @paul-oakley:
Super smooth Mike. Great playing and really clear production - the new interface is sounding nice!!


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