Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

The Void - Final Approach

album: My Early Days
genre: Electronica
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This has a deeper meaning than most think, but I woke up one night and recorded this in one session.
The Void - Final Approach
12/28/15 09:34:33PM @moquinn:
yes, I second that ~ pure ear (& spirit) bliss I love this track ~ as your Mix biography says your music covers many genres & each & every song I have heard of yours pleases me so much - thank you for sharing your talents with us
05/15/15 07:45:56PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Glad you enjoyed! :)
05/15/15 05:44:19PM @mr-p:
7 minutes and 37 seconds of ear bliss. I was actually laying back in my chair while I listened to this Mike and it took me to places I forgot existed in the mind. Way kewl trip....


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