Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

Pleasant Dream

album: TBD
genre: New Age
streams: 35

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Something Dreamy! Hope, you enjoy
Pleasant Dream
12/07/15 01:18:16PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Thanks so much, @Selene :)
12/07/15 09:34:40AM @selene:
Really love the piano! I'm biased to the classical feel of the tone it sets, It sets a good harmonic with the overall vibe you have going on. It flows in with the drums as well as guitar, very well done! I look forward to listening to more of your work Mike!
12/06/15 12:35:40PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Thanks so much, @David-c-deal !!! :)
12/06/15 12:17:46PM @david-c-deal:
Smooth, gentle keyboard ride on a sailboat. Nice Mike.


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