Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

Last Favor

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genre: Jazz
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Little Jazz with a funky base to it... hope, you enjoy. Might be my last one for this year, maybe not
Last Favor
Farrell Jackson
12/03/16 02:16:00PM @farrell-jackson:

Well look who posted a new song...how the heck are you old friend? This sounds great Mike! The slight wah on the rhythm guitar adds a little funk to the jazz flavoring. Your guitar work is smooth as ever Mike. A perfect listen on this calm morning...enjoyed it a lot!


12/01/16 03:52:42PM @lodato:
Beautiful and slick. Production is clear and musical.
11/30/16 11:38:55AM @mike-kohlgraf:

Thanks for the very nice comments, @jims-artificial-earth - @fungus-dace-yates and @shane !!! :)

11/30/16 05:19:31AM @shane:

Mike , it's great to see a new trak from you.  Sounding velvet wonderful to the senses!!!  


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