Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

Lazy Blues

album: TBD
genre: Blues
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Just a Blues
Lazy Blues
12/09/16 01:13:32PM @lodato:
That slang in the rhythm is so melodic. Beautifully smooth with the medley change. Effortless playing has me smiling.
Charlie Beige
12/08/16 08:29:34PM @charlie-beige:

Straight off i love those drums and then the guitar hits and - this is me all over - my listening pleasure...it is how i would like to play if i ever could :)

Took me back to all those blues greatsĀ  i saw in concert - Buddy and Albert Collins etc

LOve the change up mid through with diff guitar tone.

Thanks for the blues pleasure Mike


12/08/16 06:21:14AM @ronbowes:

Nice slice of trad blues. Cool tone on the lead.

12/07/16 10:26:10PM @mike-kohlgraf:

I kind off threw this one together... wanted one more before the year is out. What better than a Blues tune ... :)


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