Mike Kohlgraf
Mike Kohlgraf

Take A Load Off

album: TBD
genre: Smooth Jazz
streams: 95
creation date: 2017-07-08

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Been a while since I wrote and recorded a new tune. The last one was dedicated to my Dad who passed away this February. So, I thought, I'll compose a little...
Take A Load Off
Doug Dickens
07/21/17 09:50:26PM @doug-dickens:
There is something in the makeup of this tune that takes me back to my days in Texas. Fine fine memories ... love the song.
Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 04:54:28PM @gary-shukoski:
Came back for a second listen via your post on Facebook and glad I did. Downloaded this time around and this will go in my playlist of "artists with uber amounts of feeling"!
07/11/17 09:11:00AM @kephas:
Beautiful, my friend! Pretty melody lines throughout. Sweet tone...
Nice sax break!
Excellent work here Mike !

07/11/17 08:46:01AM @hooker-green:
As always impressed by your guitar playing. Sound is amazing and you create i very intensive atmosphere. Love that tune.

Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 02:56:53AM @gary-shukoski:
This is mesmerizing! Masterful musicianship and a fitting tribute!
07/08/17 08:08:10PM @tlt50:
Superb melodic guitar work....Fabulous chord progression , the instrumentation sounds amazing.Awesome dedication to your Dad....Well done , my friend..

Larry T

07/08/17 07:49:56PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Thanks you so much, @tricia-crawford and @farrell-Jackson :) Much appreciated!
Farrell Jackson
07/08/17 07:04:33PM @farrell-jackson:
Very smooth and cool Mike K ! I love the strat-iness with your tone. Love the sax as always. A fine tribute to your Dad.



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