Meet My Maker

album: Mike_S
genre: Blues
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Straight forward Blues Rock
Meet My Maker
07/24/18 11:07:41PM @moquinn:
& as I come to your page ~ I see there are more comments ~ & digging this song all over again ~ deja vu ;)
07/24/18 11:06:00PM @moquinn:
I love this ~ I discovered you & your music months ago on MixPosure radio ~ & today I had time to browse & came across this gem ~ agree to what @farrell-jackson & @ricky say in comments ~ aside from the fact that I love rock & music of many genres ~ this touches my heart & soul ~ thanks for sharing
02/28/18 10:27:44AM @waveman:
hey mike I like the full sound you're getting on the rhythm guitar, production is great, cool tune man
02/27/18 06:24:34PM @tlt50:
Great track, well written, arranged and performed. Stellar lyrics, vocals, and production. On my Wednesday night show.. :) *****


02/21/18 05:43:19PM @wricky:
solid proof that dreams lead to thoughtful lyrics and unique song structures sometimes, well done! ~cheers!
Farrell Jackson
02/21/18 10:34:07AM @farrell-jackson:
This has such a good Southern Blues/Rock sound to it Mike. Your guitar's growl is perfect for this sound. You have that Rory tone in your bones..... it must grow in the soil in Ireland, lol. Also good words and vocal!



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