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Paul Reed Smith Music

Paul Reed Smith Autographed "Look at the Moon" CD

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<p>Paul Reed Smith had no idea what he was going to experience at The Ricky Skagg's Family Studio in Tennessee, but hoped it would be something magical.&nbsp;&nbsp; The session was set up around Paul's 53rd birthday and his wish came true.&nbsp; He collaborated with&nbsp; gifted musicians such as Chuck Brown (The Godfather of Go-Go), Liz Hogue, Sergio Vallin (Mana),&nbsp; Cody Kilby (Ricky Skaggs and the Kentucky Thunder), Tony McManus, Marshall Keys , Gary and Greg Grainger, Michael Ault and Ralph Perucci to record tracks to be musically in tune with Ricky's Studio, and music Paul and the musicians loved.&nbsp;</p>


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