Unborn Star

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"Unborn Star", Which was judged and awarded as a finalist in the "Best Vocal Album of 1999" category by New Age Voice, and which also reached #2 for two consequetive months in the year 1999 in the NAV charts, is Piyali's first self-composed album in the United States. It was recorded and mixed at Studio Crash, Philadelphia, by the talented veteran jazz keybordist, the late Dave Falciani.


The album contains seven beautifully composed songs, all written and sung by Piyali. This hugely talented vocalist, can easily carry the listener to a higher dimension with her powerful, yet sweet and ethereal voice. Each of the seven songs are as different from one another as night is from day, yet all of them are in alignment with their heartfelt messages of peace, passion and betterment.


Each song is complete in itself and is very visual. Her sound is unique with shades of Indian melodies in structured western compositions, with touches of Jazz, as well as other ethnic sounds. Her singing style is her own, very fresh and quite different from the usual popular voices.


As Ben Kettlewell, Editor of Alternate Music Press puts it, " Piyali is a silky sounding chaneuse, a soulful songbird, a passionate new contemporary singer. She soars into the international recording scene with a stylish, self-assured singing style, high quality original compositions, great backing musicians and a well produced debut album. Appropriately titled, Unborn Star, features a smooth blend of musical touches that include world, pop, funk and R&B elements". Ben Kettlewell goes on to add, "The message I get from Piyali's music, is going for what you want in your life, following your true path, doing what makes you whole, which in her case, is her incredible journey to this point."


Pascual Jurado, of Amazing Sounds, says of Piyali's music, " Piyali is a brilliant composer and singer. She sings a collection of seven compositions that could be labelled as avant-garde Pop. Her beautiful voice, the atmospheric keyboards, the Hindu drums and the inspired lyrics are the elements that shape the personality of the music and enhance it's potential to lead the listeners to meditate about the utopic hope to someday attain a better world full of love, peace and harmony. This is warm music. Music near to the heart and feeling."


According to Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews, "Unborn Star, is not just a new album, it is a recipe for insight, meditation and transformation. Piyali has blended the finest ingredients of poetry, energy, enthusiasm and beat with a powerful yet pretty voice, great backup and superb arrangements. The end result is a musical meal fit for a king.


This talented young woman, Piyali, presents original songs that reflects the traditional flavor of ethnic music of her ancestors, blended with modern influences. It is entrancing music, full of longing love, wonder and power, much like the singer herself. If you've been looking for an album to satisfy your craving for good music and moving lyrics that speak of peace and betterment, look no further. "Unborn Star", by Piyali will satisfy your appetite with spirit and a sensual beat that will linger long after this musical meal ends."


Please consider this beautiful CD as a gift to a loved one this holiday season.


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