Q Harper
Q Harper

Quiet Time

album: "ONE"
genre: R&B
streams: 91

Quiet Time
12/04/11 10:07:00PM @rdallah:
Sexy song! Makes me want to spend some quirt time with a special someone. There are no meaningful songs like this playing on the radio so I vote this one break the circle and show folks what real music is all about.
Mista Perez
11/16/11 07:59:59AM @mista-perez:
I'm digging the intro. This is the music that I miss listening to. This has it all. Quality R&B yet again.
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12/19/11 11:24:41PM @:
Classy & subtle...you sing to the soul here my Brother. This is the music that is missing from the scene today. A real love song without all the dirty details & raunch. You manage to deliver a moving song which allows the listener to actually feel what you are saying & singing about. I can respect a song like this. Well done, Bro.


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